About Us

Rural Peisagistica was born from passion and experience.

Our passion for plants and our work experience with them determined us to improve our activity and portfolio.

We started with fruit trees and vegetables, then we chose to grow flowers and fruit shrubs and now, among them, we have made place for Paulownia.

Why? Because here in our greenhouses in Seleus it is place for all of them.

Next to our greenhouses we developed an in-vitro micro propagation laboratory for plants which provides the highest quality for the seedlings offering at the same time the possibility of multiplying the plants in a much more faster rhythm and in a bigger volume. Each plant that comes out from the laboratory gets a Virus Free Certificate.

Same as every profile company, we have the capacity to produce and sell en-gross or en-detail, from stock or at the customers order a wide range of flowers, fruit trees, vegetables seedlings, fruit shrubs and plants for intensive and hyper intensive plantations. (please visit our site www.bazarulverde.ro)

Our plants can be delivered in alveolar pallets and pots of different sizes depending on the species.

The flowers are produced in fertilized peat being obtained from cuttings and seedlings internationally certificated and at high european standards.

The fruit trees and paulownia trees are produced in our in-vitro micro propagation laboratory.