Business Plan

procesare paulownia

How much land is needed for a Paulownia plantation?

To be profitable it is recommended to start this business with at least 1 ha of land. Profitability grows as the planted surface is larger.

How many plants are needed for 1 ha of land?

Planting can be done in a 4m / 4 m meaning 600 plants/ha or 4m / 3m with a quantity of 833 plants/ha.

How much does it cost a Paulownia plantation of 1 ha?

An 8 weeks age plant, point in which we recommend planting from March to August period, costs about 3 euro/piece + VAT, negotiable price, depending on the quantity ordered. We conclude that for 1 ha of land planted with Paulownia, the required investment is only 3000 Euro + VAT/ha.

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When can you start working?

Paulownia tree culture requires cutting the plant from the base after 6 months of life because this will take us to a perfectly straight up and without canopy growth of at least 5 m which will increase timber production type A. The exploitation can start after 3 years with maximum productivity.

How much can I earn?

For each Paulownia tree we can obtain minimum 50 euro/piece after a period of 4-5 years ( at this age the tree has approximately 0,40 cubic meters ). After the first exploitation the tree will grow again in a much faster rhythm.

At the end of year 8-9 we can reach at 0,80-0,90 cubic meter of wood / plant which can be sold at a minimum price of 170 euro/cubic meter.

800 plants / ha x 0,80 cubic meters = 640 cubic meters x 170 euro / 1 cubic meter = 108.800 euro / ha

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How do I place an order?

Paulownia tree must be ordered 10 weeks before planting time is desired because it takes 8 weeks for the early stages of growth that takes place in specially designed greenhouses. The 2 weeks time is necessary for product delivery depending on where you will be planting (e.g. hill, plain). To make the delivery on time a signed contract is required and the payment of an advance of 30% of the total value of the order.